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Entertainment Enthusiasts Are Not Dunderheads – Bolgatanga Technical University’s entertainment secretary, Akaba Prince

The entertainment Secretary of the Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU), Akaba Prince Mbabila states unequivocally that the school’s entertainment fans are not dunderheads.
Akaba said this On February 22, 2023, during a one-on-one interview with Jahbless multimedia at the Institution’s main campus in preparation for their upcoming freshers’ night.

According to Akaba, “People stereotype various individuals who love entertainment at the institution as nonserious.” In addition, he emphasized that for him to achieve his ultimate objective, this narrative must change.

Additionally, he pleaded to all students and stakeholders at the institution to place a high value on entertainment, pointing out that it is another aspect that, when given the appropriate attention, has the potential to increase student enrollment.

Mbabila Akaba prince who is a level 300 student in the industrial art department, reiterated his commitment to helping the institution acquire a sound system and other devices that will enhance entertainment before his tenure ends.

He pointed out that he is willing to collaborate with a variety of outside commercial event organizers to bring live entertainment to the institution during his tenure. He referenced Bondee Amusement, Mr. Carlmaxcoldsweat, and Ebony Condoms among others as the partners he is explicitly anticipating working with.

When Jah Bless talked to other students at the school, they all said that they wanted to see the current crop of leaders achieve their ultimate goal. They also told other students to put entertainment first at the school.

The Bolgatanga Technical University will host “FRESHERS NIGHT CLUB,” its first major event in the 2023–2024 academic year.

The event will take place On March 3, 2023, at the Bombs Events Center. A student ticket costs ghs15, an advance ticket costs ghs20, and a gate ticket cost ghs30. All are invited, and the event promo is one of the best. For more information, see the flyer below.

Written by Jah Bless, proofread by Gh Blinks

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