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Don’t Do Abortion – Yvonne Nelson to Young Ladies

Popular Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has cautioned young ladies against resorting to abortion especially when men responsible refuse to accept it, advising them to give birth. She emphasized that it’s a blessing to conceive. In the same post made in 2010, she added that she had a story to tell the world soon.

in her words “Abortion? Don’t do it. If you get pregnant, have the baby. If you are not ready to be a parent, protect yourself. It’s a blessing to conceive. I will tell you guys a story soon”.

Many years down the line, she disclosed in her published book dubbed , “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” her past decision to have an abortion. Nelson’s book delves into her relationship with popular rapper Sarkodie, their unexpected pregnancy, and the difficult choice she made by aborting it because the rapper refused to accept the responsibility.

Nelson’s story sheds light on the complexities surrounding unplanned pregnancies and the weight of individual choices. The actress shares her personal struggle with the decision, influenced by her own experiences growing up without a father figure. Reflecting on her current maturity, Nelson expresses regret for her past choice and admits that she would have chosen differently now. However, she stands by her belief that she made the best decision she could at the time, considering the circumstances and her desire to spare a potential child from a similar upbringing.

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The intimate account provided in Nelson’s book offers readers an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the topic of abortion. It brings attention to the societal expectations placed on women facing unplanned pregnancies and the difficult decisions they have to make. Nelson’s story encourages empathy and understanding, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive sexual education and access to contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies.

The actress’s past tweet advising young ladies not to undergo abortion has resurfaced in light of her recent revelation, prompting further discussion and debate. Nelson’s journey serves as a reminder that individual experiences and circumstances play a significant role in shaping decisions surrounding pregnancy and parenthood. Her story highlights the need for open dialogue and support for women facing difficult choices, ensuring they have access to accurate information and a supportive network.

Yvonne Nelson’s book is more than just a personal memoir; it acts as a catalyst for societal reflection on the complexities of unplanned pregnancies and the impact of individual choices. By sharing her own story, the award-winning actress sparks conversations that can contribute to a more informed and compassionate understanding of this sensitive issue.

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