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You Don’t Throw Stones at Every Dog that Barks at You – Stonebwoy

Accra, Ghana – Celebrated Dancehall artist and TGMA Artist of the Year 2024, Stonebwoy, has emphasized the importance of choosing battles wisely amid escalating tensions with media investor Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu. The conflict, which has recently reached a legal stage, saw Baba Sadiq filing a police complaint against the artist, accusing him of defamation and issuing threats.

During an interview with Andy Dosty on the popular radio show Daybreak Hitz, Stonebwoy responded to the allegations by sharing a metaphorical piece of advice: “You don’t bark back at every dog that barks at you. You don’t throw stones at every dog barking at you. But some dogs you have to, you know, deal with.”

Stonebwoy elaborated on his stance, explaining that while it is often wise to ignore provocations, there are instances where it is necessary to address the source of the attack due to the significance of the accuser and the potential agendas involved. He stated, “We started by saying how reputations began. There are some that you cannot leave out because of who is saying it and the kind of agenda that is behind it.”

He suggested that the ongoing situation might be part of a broader scheme to provoke a reaction from him. “From all the stuff I’ve said today, listen to it clearly and look at the build-up. It tells you that there is a bigger plan for their antics. However, I can only stand and state my truth. This is as simple as that.”

Stonebwoy also addressed the role of social media in amplifying conflicts, cautioning his fans and followers against overreacting to online provocations. “Like I said, you can’t just be following just everybody. On Twitter, people overdo it.”

In a bid to protect his reputation and brand, Stonebwoy urged the public to critically assess the tweets and comments circulating online. “This is supposed to be taken seriously and cleaned. I implore you to pick up the tweet and read them, then you can understand the level it is at and therefore the need to clean up a very honourable brand as Stonebwoy.”

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