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Rising Ghanaian Rapper Omario CK Pledges to Donate 30% of Concert Profits to Charity

Issah Rafiw, popularly known by his stage name Omario CK, has announced a significant philanthropic initiative aimed at giving back to the community. The budding Ghanaian rapper revealed in a recent social media post that he plans to donate 30% of the profits from his successful commercial concerts to charity.

In his heartfelt post, Omario CK wrote, “Wants to make it a norm. Anytime I come out successfully with a commercial program, 30% of the profit income from that particular program goes to CHARITY. OH Allah this is from my heart throughout my career, a promise. ❤️🤲”

Known for his benevolence, Omario CK’s philanthropic nature extends beyond his latest pledge. Last year, on his birthday, he prepared and distributed food to the needy on and off the streets. Additionally, during the Islamic fasting period, he shared goodies and money with media personalities, further showcasing his commitment to helping others.

Musically, Omario CK continues to make strides. He recently released a song titled “Victim,” featuring the multifaceted singer Fancy Gadam. The track has been well-received on digital platforms and is accompanied by a high-quality video that enhances its appeal.

Omario CK’s promise to donate a significant portion of his concert earnings to charity is a demonstration to his dedication to making a positive impact on his community.

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