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Wanlov the Kubolor Claims Walking Barefoot Enhances His Sexual Stamina

Ghanaian musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, has recently made a surprising revelation about the benefits of walking barefoot. According to him, this practice has not only had a spiritual impact on his life but has also contributed to his sexual endurance.

Wanlov, known for his free-spirited nature and thought-provoking statements, shared that going barefoot has heightened his sensitivity to people’s curses. He firmly believes that these curses have no effect on him, thanks to his newfound awareness.

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However, it is in the realm of sexual encounters where Wanlov claims to reap the most benefits from his barefoot lifestyle. He attributes the duration of his first round of sexual activity as a crucial factor in his ability to withstand curses.

While he admitted that he isn’t particularly fond of extended sexual sessions, Wanlov emphasized the significance of a prolonged initial round. He revealed that his first round can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an astonishing one hour, which has become his secret to endurance.

“I’m not a fan of extended sessions, but when it comes to the first round, I can go for a considerable amount of time,” Wanlov explained. “It can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.”

The musician further showcased his ability to control and extend the duration of his initial round, expressing satisfaction in being able to tailor it to his desires. Once he completes the first round, he can then move on to subsequent rounds and finally find rest.

Wanlov the Kubolor’s unconventional approach to sexual encounters and his belief in the connection between walking barefoot and his sexual stamina have sparked intrigue and raised eyebrows. As a unique and outspoken personality in the entertainment industry, Wanlov continues to captivate attention with his distinctive style and captivating statements.

It is important to note that while individuals may find certain practices beneficial to their sexual experiences, it is essential to prioritize open communication, consent, and respect in any intimate relationship. Sexual health and satisfaction can vary greatly between individuals, and what works for one person may not work for another.

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