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Sugar Daddy Trial: High Court slaps ‘Side Chic’ with GHC 6,000 cost, removes First Atlantic Bank from lawsuit

In a dramatic turn of events, Deborah Seyram Adablah, the young woman who filed a lawsuit against a former Chief Finance Officer of First Atlantic Bank, alleging sexual assault and breach of promises, was dealt a financial blow by the Accra High Court. On July 21, 2023, Justice Olivia Obeng Owusu ordered Adablah to pay a sum of GH¢6,000 as costs after removing First Atlantic Bank from the suit.

The decision to strike out the bank’s name from the case followed a motion filed by the lawyers representing First Atlantic Bank. While the bank initially sought a cost award of GH¢50,000, Adablah’s legal team pleaded for a reduction to GH¢5,000. Ultimately, the court settled on GH¢6,000 as the amount she must bear.

The lawsuit, which dates back to January 2023, was centered around Adablah’s relationship with a man she referred to as her ‘sugar daddy.’ According to her claims, he promised her a car, three years’ worth of accommodation expenses, a monthly stipend of GH¢3,000, marriage after divorcing his wife, and a lump sum to start a business. However, the ‘sugar daddy’ allegedly registered the car in his name and later denied her access to it after a year of use. Additionally, he only paid for one year of her accommodation.

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This case has been fraught with contentious issues and has faced various interim applications since its initiation. The court’s recent ruling, however, narrows the scope of the case by excluding First Atlantic Bank from further proceedings.

It’s worth noting that while the court has removed the bank from the lawsuit, the original case is still pending and will continue to be deliberated by the judiciary. Adablah’s claims against the former Chief Finance Officer will remain under scrutiny, while the bank can breathe a sigh of relief having extricated itself from the contentious legal battle.

As the trial continues, both parties involved will undoubtedly be prepared for rigorous legal arguments and an intense examination of the evidence. The outcome of this case will not only impact the individuals directly involved but may also have broader implications for

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