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Tamale International Airport Takes Flight: A New Gateway to Northern Ghana

Tamale, Ghana – A new chapter in Ghana’s aviation history began today as the Tamale International Airport officially opened its doors to international flights. The much-anticipated inauguration ceremony was presided over by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, signifying a significant milestone for the region and the nation as a whole.

Dr. Bawumia, in his address, underscored the airport’s pivotal role as an alternative to the bustling Kotoka International Airport. This move not only eases congestion but also bolsters the aviation sector in Northern Ghana and strengthens the nation’s overall connectivity.

Crucially, Dr. Bawumia expressed heartfelt gratitude to the British government for their financial backing of phase two of the Tamale International Airport project. This strategic investment is considered a linchpin in the broader effort to industrialize Northern Ghana.

Ranked as Ghana’s third busiest airport, after Kotoka and Kumasi International Airports, Tamale International Airport stands as a vital transportation nexus, linking Tamale to both local and international destinations. This transformational journey began in 2014 when ambitious plans were set in motion to upgrade and expand the airport to meet global standards.

During phase one of the project, the runway underwent a significant extension, stretching from 2,438 meters to an impressive 3,400 meters. Moreover, new infrastructure emerged, including a modern apron, taxilink, and state-of-the-art aeronautical ground lighting systems. The wheels of progress continued to turn in July 2019 when Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia initiated phase two, marking another remarkable chapter in the airport’s evolution.

Phase two introduced a cutting-edge terminal building with an annual passenger capacity of 400,000. This terminal boasts premium amenities, including a VIP lounge, two boarding gates, two self-service check-in kiosks, eight check-in desks, airline offices, and a thriving commercial area. Additionally, ample parking facilities were created to accommodate the growing influx of travelers.

With its expansion and modernization, Tamale International Airport is now fully equipped to meet international standards, positioning it as a gateway to Northern Ghana’s future growth. Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in airlifting hundreds of pilgrims annually to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and today’s inauguration sets the stage for even more international flights to take off to various destinations worldwide.

The Vice President, addressing the assembled crowd of Tamale residents and neighboring communities, emphasized the transformative impact of this project. The Tamale International Airport isn’t just a testament to Ghana’s commitment to progress; it’s a symbol of regional development, socio-economic growth, and increased opportunities for the people of Northern Ghana.

As the inaugural international flights depart from Tamale, a new era of connectivity and prosperity dawns upon this vibrant region, marking Tamale International Airport as a beacon of progress for all of Ghana.

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