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Keche Joshua trolls Kuami Eugene over comments that he wrote ‘No Dulling

Joshua Kojo Ampah, one-half of the popular Ghanaian music duo Keche, in a fresh outburst has reacted to recent comments by Kuami Eugene that he played a more significant role in the writing of the viral ‘No Dulling’ song.

Kuami Eugene in an interview on the Delay Show stated that he wrote the entire chorus and hook and that anyone claiming credit for it is doing so falsely.

He went on to suggest that Keche is claiming credit because they feel they lack talent or are inferior.

“I think it’s because in this industry when someone writes for someone, they think the person the song was written for doesn’t have talent, but it doesn’t work like that in the Western World,” Kuami Eugene said. “When they came, I had already written the song. So what they came to add was ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?’ … I have done this before.”

In response, Keche posted a video on Twitter in which they disputed Eugene’s claims.

According to Joshua, it was funny that Eugene would make a statement that they only added the phrase ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?’ to the song.

“They said the only things we did in the song is ‘Otan bebrebe yi enti wo da aa wo da?I don’t get it,” Joshua said


The dispute over songwriting credits for ‘No Dulling’ has been ongoing since the song’s release in 2020.

While many fans credit Eugene for the success of the track, Keche claims that the song is theirs and that nobody has ever written a song for them since they came into the limelight.

“Andrew wrote it. Nobody has ever written a song for Keche. No Dulling is a Keche song. Kuami Eugene went and sat somewhere and said he wrote the song for us. Kuami Eugene is he a rapper?” Keche said

The public spat between the two artists has yet to be resolved, with no clear evidence as to who wrote the hook and chorus of the song.

According to music experts, it is important for artists to take proper notice of songwriting credits to avoid potential controversies.

The failure to give credit where it is due can result in disagreements, as seen in the cases of Obrafour and Mantse, as well as Keche and Kuami Eugene.

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