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Joeboy Explains Why He Should Have Been More Arrogant In The Music Industry

In a recent episode of a podcast, Body & Soul, Nigerian singer Joeboy, known for his hit songs like “Baby” and “Alcohol,” expressed a desire to have been more arrogant in his career. The artist, whose real name is Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, believes that his calm demeanor has sometimes caused people to overlook his achievements and take him for granted.

Joeboy revealed his thoughts on the podcast, stating, “What Could I Have Done Different? I Would Say, Be More Arrogant [Laughs]. Because You People Don’t Have Respect. When You Are Always Calm, They Go Just Feel Like Say You Are Not That Guy Or Something. It’s Crazy, But It Is What It Is.”

He admitted that he felt he should have been more vocal about his accomplishments, as he believes others may not fully recognize the extent of his success. Joeboy acknowledged that he wishes he had embraced a louder and more self-assured attitude earlier in his career, and he plans to make adjustments moving forward.

This revelation comes after a recent incident where Joeboy’s performance was abruptly canceled in Saint Lucia. The singer shared on his Instagram Story that his DJ had used vulgar language during the performance, which led to their set being cut short. The artist and his team were unaware of a local law against the use of curse words on stage, which resulted in a threat of arrest from the event organizers.

Joeboy expressed his disappointment over the incident, emphasizing that he had traveled a long distance to perform for his fans in Saint Lucia. Despite the setback, he assured his followers in the Caribbean nation that he would return to make it up to them.

While it is natural for artists to reflect on their career choices and how they are perceived, Joeboy’s desire for more arrogance highlights the complexities of navigating the music industry. Striking a balance between humility and self-promotion can be challenging, and Joeboy’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of finding one’s authentic voice while being mindful of cultural nuances in different regions.

As Joeboy continues to grow and learn from his experiences, his fans eagerly await his future endeavors, hoping to witness the evolution of his musical journey.

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