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Duncan Williams’ Son Wanted To Marry Me On A Condition Of His Father Casting Out Demons In Me – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has recently shared an intriguing anecdote about her encounter with Joel Duncan-Williams, the son of renowned Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. In her memoir titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” Nelson delves into the subject of masculinity and female marginalization, shedding light on a memorable incident that unfolded in 2009.

According to Nelson, their paths crossed during the shooting of a movie, when Joel Duncan-Williams paid her an unexpected visit. The encounter took a dramatic turn when he expressed his love for her, sparking a series of events that ultimately ended their potential relationship. Joel, in an attempt to emphasize the seriousness of his affection, brought lunch to the movie set, accompanied by an entourage of heavy security personnel in a mini-convoy.

However, what caused the relationship to abruptly cease was Joel’s surprising requirement: Nelson would have to undergo a prayer session conducted by his father in order to have any evil spirits or demons expelled from her and her family lineage. While Nelson acknowledged her spiritual upbringing and respect for prayers, she found Joel’s demand excessive and misplaced, questioning the need for her to be spiritually cleansed without the same expectation placed on him.

Nelson expressed her surprise, highlighting that her household was deeply religious, with her mother’s spirituality strengthened after a life-altering motor accident. She emphasized her belief in God and the power of prayers, recounting moments in her life when she had witnessed divine intervention. However, she also noted her skepticism towards individuals who exploit religion for personal gain, asserting that being the son of a prominent figure did not automatically signify possessing an exclusive connection to the Holy Spirit.

The incident with Joel Duncan-Williams serves as a testament to the dynamics of relationships, as well as the intersection of spirituality and personal boundaries. Nelson’s memoir, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” promises to be a captivating exploration of her quest for self-discovery and the challenges she has encountered along the way.

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