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White woman reports Ghanaian driver’s mate to police for overcharging her by 50 pesewas (video)

An elderly Caucasian woman who boarded a Madina-Accra commercial vehicle from Atomic Junction to Spanner Junction insisted on retrieving her Ghc 0.50 that the driver’s partner had overcharged her for.

The woman claims that she has always paid GHC 4 to commercial vehicles along that stretch, but the conductor of that vehicle decided to take GHC 4.50 from her, which she did not comprehend.

She told the mate that the fare has always been GHC 4, but the young man insisted. When she saw police officers standing by the road, she got the driver to stop the car and told the officers about the situation.

Some of the other passengers in the car tried all along to get the conductor to give the elderly woman the Ghc 0.50 back and treat her with respect, but he wouldn’t listen.

The conductor’s approved price list, which was requested by the police officer who intervened, made it abundantly clear that the young man was indeed attempting to defraud the woman. He insisted on paying the fare from Atomic junction to Spanner junction rather than Madina station.

He was compelled to return the Ghc 0.50 to the woman by the officer, but that did not resolve the issue. In a video that @yaafilla posted on TikTok, they exchange insults and threats before the woman finally got off at her destination.

Source: OneMuzikGh.Com


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