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There’s more money in journalism now, but less training – Jackie Ankrah

Veteran journalist and gospel musician, Jackie Ankrah has disclosed she has a lot to teach the new generation of journalists in Ghana.

She says she has been approached many times by a good number of journalists who want to tap into her knowledge of journalism. Jackie expressed the desire in an interview with Doreen Avio on Daybreak Hitz,

“Many people have approached me and I have often said I’m too busy or I’m too engaged with something, but now as I get older and now as I listen to the calls more and more, I think I will do something, put people together and teach them, good journalism and good public speaking,” she said.

The ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ singer said unlike present day practices, there was a lot of training during her time when she started journalism.

“In my day there was a lot of training. I wouldn’t just sit on the radio and talk. To this day, I script everything I say, I wouldn’t just come and sit on the radio without a script even though it is my show.

“I like to script, I like to know where I am, what I’m thinking, step-by-step and from moment to moment and I think that’s what I think is lacking, there’s lack of training,” she maintained, arguing also that journalism is more lucrative now than in the past.

“But now there’s more money in journalism compared to back in my day, so I think people are making more money now.”

The Gospel musician is promoting her music video for her song, Hallelujah, which was released early on in February.


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