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Lawyers of Shatta Wale to File Terms of Settlement in Defamation Case Within Two Weeks

The legal battle between dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and his former manager, Bulldog, took a new turn as the lawyers representing Shatta Wale informed the Accra High Court of their intention to file terms of settlement within two weeks. The case, centered around defamatory statements made by Shatta Wale on social media, has been ongoing since November 2022.

Shatta Wale’s lawyer, Mr Frank Atese Kwabena, expressed optimism about the progress made in their negotiations. The parties involved have previously indicated their willingness to resolve the matter out of court, and multiple court appearances have been made to facilitate the settlement discussions.

Bulldog, the plaintiff in the case, seeks several legal remedies, including a declaration that the publications made by Shatta Wale are defamatory and malicious. Bulldog also requests an order for Shatta Wale to publicly retract and apologize for his statements on social media platforms, with the content of the retraction and apology subject to the plaintiff’s approval. Additionally, Bulldog seeks injunctions to prevent further defamation and various damages for the harm caused.

The adjournment of the case to June 27 will allow both parties to finalize the terms of settlement and present them to the court. This development raises hopes for a resolution that could bring an end to the legal dispute between Shatta Wale and Bulldog, providing an opportunity for them to move forward from this chapter in their professional relationship.

It remains to be seen whether the terms of settlement will be accepted by both parties and approved by the court. However, the willingness shown by the lawyers and the progress made in their engagements so far indicate a potential end to this defamation case, which has garnered significant attention in the entertainment industry.

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