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Sister Derby Asserts Her Status as Medikal’s ‘Trophy’ Despite The Ditch For Fella Makafui

Sister Derby, the Ghanaian musician and fashion icon, has recently responded to critics who questioned her relevance in the life of her ex-boyfriend, Medikal. Taking to social media, she proudly reminded them of the time when Medikal referred to her as a trophy in one of his songs, emphasizing her ongoing significance.

The exchange occurred after Sister Derby shared a song in support of LGBTQ rights, which sparked a wave of backlash and criticism. Amidst the heated comments, one particular troll brought up Medikal’s decision to leave Sister Derby for Fella Makafui, insinuating that this justified her supposed irrelevance.

In a confident and assertive response, Sister Derby referenced the song “Cold and Trophies,” a surprising collaboration between herself and Medikal. Released on March 9, 2023, the track showcased their chemistry and reignited conversations about their past tumultuous breakup in 2018.

The fact that Medikal had dedicated an entire song to Sister Derby, labeling her as a trophy, became a powerful point of contention. Sister Derby proudly retorted to the commenter, stating, “Yes, and he made a whole song calling me a Trophy.”

Opinions about Medikal’s collaboration with his ex-girlfriend vary among netizens. Some criticize the rapper for working with Sister Derby, while others view it as a strategic move in the realm of showbiz and entertainment. As speculations circulate regarding Medikal and Fella Makafui’s current marital status, the enduring impact of Sister Derby on Medikal’s life and their shared musical journey cannot be denied.

Despite the ups and downs of their romantic relationship, Sister Derby’s bold statement serves as a reminder of the indelible mark she left on Medikal, solidifying her position as a significant figure in his life. As the public continues to dissect their past and present dynamics, it is evident that the story between Sister Derby and Medikal still captivates the attention of fans and critics alike.

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