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Sarkodie Drops New Single “Brag” – A Confident Declaration of His Legacy

Ghanaian rap legend Sarkodie has once again dropped a new single, and this time it’s a confident declaration of his legacy. Titled “Brag,” the song features Sarkodie’s signature hip-hop flow over a beat produced by Fortune Dane. With “Brag,” Sarkodie is reminding fans and haters alike that he’s still the king of Ghanaian rap, and his consistency and staying power are unmatched.
In “Brag,” Sarkodie takes listeners on a journey through his career, highlighting his achievements and milestones. He raps about his early days, coming up in the game, and his rise to fame. He references the moments Wiz Kid, Davido, Burner Boy, and Blacko came to limelight and he was still relevant, proving his staying power in the industry. He also talks about carrying Ghanaian rap on his shoulders and paving the way for others.
Sarkodie’s confidence and bravado shine through in every verse, as he boasts about his skills, his success, and his enduring legacy. He’s not afraid to name-drop, referencing his collaborations with international artists and his sold-out shows. But he’s also vulnerable, talking about the struggles he’s faced and the haters he’s overcome.
One of the most striking aspects of “Brag” is Sarkodie’s claim that his biggest competition is Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. This is a bold statement, showing his ambition and desire to be recognized as one of the best rappers globally. It’s a challenge to himself and others, a declaration that he’s not content to just be the best in Ghana or Africa, but wants to be recognized on the world stage.
Throughout the song, Sarkodie’s lyrics are relatable, and fans will appreciate his honesty and vulnerability. He’s not just bragging about his success; he’s also talking about the hard work and dedication it took to get there. He’s inspiring a new generation of rappers and artists, showing them that with persistence and talent, they can achieve their dreams.
The production on “Brag” is also noteworthy, with Fortune Dane delivering a beat that’s both hip-hop and Afrobeats. The instrumental is infectious, with a catchy hook and a beat that makes you want to move your body. Sarkodie’s flow is effortless, as he glides over the beat with ease.
Overall, “Brag” is a hip-hop anthem that showcases Sarkodie’s skill, creativity, and legacy. It’s a confident declaration of his status as one of Africa’s most successful rappers, and a challenge to himself and others to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Listen to the song now and experience the confidence and swagger of one of Africa’s most successful rappers.
In addition to his music, Sarkodie is also known for his philanthropic work. He’s been involved in several charitable initiatives, including supporting education and healthcare in Ghana. He’s also been recognized for his contributions to the Ghanaian music industry, winning numerous awards and accolades.
With “Brag,” Sarkodie is cementing his legacy as one of the greatest Ghanaian rappers of all time. He’s not just a musician; he’s a cultural icon, a symbol of hope and inspiration for a new generation of artists and fans. And with his continued success and innovation, he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Have a feel of this new single below.

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