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Breaking Down the Music Business: Production, Marketing, and Distribution

Understanding Production, Marketing, and Distribution

Just like any other business, the music industry can be divided into three main components: Production, Marketing, and Distribution.

Production encompasses all activities involved in creating the music. This includes songwriting, song recording, sound production, photoshoots, music videos, and content creation. Essentially, production covers everything needed to develop the final product: the music itself.

Marketing focuses on promoting the music to reach the audience. Key strategies include radio and TV promotion, street marketing, social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, print media, billboards, networking, and playlist pitching. The goal of marketing is to ensure the music reaches as many people as possible.

Distribution involves the methods used to monetize the music. This includes streaming on Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs), securing sync deals, performing live shows, obtaining brand deals, selling merchandise, and publishing. Distribution is about turning the created music into revenue.

Understanding these three facets is crucial for anyone looking to succeed in the music industry.

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