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The Willma Youth Club Donates Reusable Sanitary Pads to Boli M/A JHS

The Willma Youth Club SRHR Outreach at Boli M/A JHS

The Willma Youth Club, a proactive youth-led organization, has generously donated a collection of over one hundred reusable menstrual health products to Boli M/A Junior High School in the Upper West Region on the 17th of May 2024. Leading this impactful initiative is the dedicated team lead, Miss Josephine Naab Pollu, who stresses the essential understanding of menstrual cycles, reproductive health, and the importance of managing periods safely and with dignity. She also highlights the fundamental rights of these school children.

Boli M/A JHS Girls with WYC 

The aim of The Willma Youth Club SRHR outreach is to support more female students in underserved communities and raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights among youth in Ghanaian communities. During their engagement, they discussed sexual and reproductive health and rights, encouraged students to embrace their puberty experiences, avoid teenage pregnancy through abstinence, and emphasized the importance of seeking guidance from responsible adults.

Miss Josephine sharing reusable sanitary pads to students

In an insightful discussion with, Miss Josephine shed light on the challenges young girls face regarding menstrual hygiene today. She eloquently stated, “Menstruation is a natural aspect of life, not a punishment. However, our girls often face challenges due to limited access to safe menstrual products or a lack thereof when needed.”

The visionary team lead shared that their journey began with distributing disposable sanitary pads to children in under served communities. However, feedback indicated a need for more sustainable solutions, as disposable pads offered only temporary relief. Miss Josephine highlighted the financial barrier posed by the high cost of disposable pads, which often hinders girls from attending school. She emphasized the practicality and cost-effectiveness of reusable pads, stressing the importance of regular washing with soap and clean water to maintain hygiene and ensure the girls’ safety.

Miss Josephine demonstrating how to use the reusable sanitary pad

Miss Josephine urged the male students to combat stigmatization and provide support to girls during challenging times, emphasizing the collective responsibility in creating a supportive environment. She encouraged young women to seek medical advice instead of relying on excessive medication during their periods, promoting a holistic approach to menstrual health.

Student demonstrating how to use the reusable pad to her colleagues

Miss Sonia Boyou, a dedicated nurse and key member of The Willma Youth Club, highlighted the significance of adolescence as a crucial phase between childhood and adulthood. Recognizing the transformative impact of reusable health products on young women, she emphasized the need for education efforts due to prevalent levels of ignorance. Miss Sonia advised the children to prioritize their health by avoiding excessive medication during menstruation and seeking professional guidance when needed, stressing the importance of informed decision-making and proactive healthcare practices.

Miss Sonia

Adding to the sensitisation, Miss Sonia Boyou, underscored the significance of adolescence as a pivotal phase between childhood and adulthood, spanning ages 10 to 19. Recognizing the transformative impact of reusable health products on young women, she emphasized the need for sensitization efforts due to prevailing levels of ignorance. She also highlighted the need to abstain from sexual related activities as school children as she mentioned the dangers associated with teenage pregnancy.

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