Qobrah Beatz Sets the Record Straight on Controversial Song Snippet

In a recent social media post, sound engineer Qobrah Beatz shared a snippet of a song being recorded in his studio, which sparked controversy due to lyrics that appeared to promote the use of Tramol, a drug known for its harmful effects. The snippet featured an artist chanting “Tramol, Tramol, Tramol” and singing “Kaba Da Maalaa Ti Yeliyeng”, which translates to “If it was never made, we would’ve gone wasted”. This led many to believe that the song was encouraging drug use, and they took to social media to express their grievances.
However, Qobrah Beatz has since clarified that the song is actually describing the perception of Tramol abusers and how they feel it boosts their energy, but ultimately highlights the dangers of drug abuse. In his own words, “The song is describing how abusers of Tramol perceive it. They feel it boosts their system and gives them additional energy for their daily running, and I feel it’s not supposed to be so.”
Qobrah Beatz expressed his disappointment that people jumped to conclusions based on a short snippet, without considering the full context and message of the song. He urged listeners to wait for the full release, which will be available exclusively on OneMuzikGh.Com tonight at 8:00pm, to understand the true intention behind the lyrics. “I feel people are jumping into hasty conclusion…I think they should listen to the full song before making their judgement, since this one is the snippet,” he said.

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As a seasoned sound engineer, Qobrah Beatz has worked on numerous projects and has a reputation for producing high-quality music. His commitment to using his platform to raise awareness about important issues is commendable, and his message about the dangers of Tramol abuse is one that needs to be heard. “I’ve done a lot of good works, but nobody talks about it. It seems like people are always waiting for you to have a problem so they can roast you,” he said, expressing his frustration.
Despite the backlash, Qobrah Beatz remains unfazed, stating that he has “tough skin” and is not moved by negative energy. His dedication to his craft and his willingness to tackle tough topics in his music are admirable, and we look forward to hearing the full release of the song tonight.
Let’s also remember the power of music to shape our perceptions and attitudes, and the responsibility that comes with creative expression – Qobrah Beatz added. By using his platform to raise awareness about important issues, Qobrah Beatz is setting a positive example for the music industry, and we applaud him for it.

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