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Samini: I Don’t Allow Negativity Affect Me When I’m Going To Perform

Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Samini, is renowned for his positive outlook on life and unwavering determination. In a recent interview, he shared a powerful mindset that has propelled him to success throughout his career: negativity cannot affect him when he is about to perform.

Samini, who has graced numerous stages worldwide, acknowledges that negativity exists in every aspect of life, including the entertainment industry. However, he firmly believes that allowing negativity to infiltrate his mind and spirit before a performance would only hinder his ability to deliver a remarkable show.

During the interview, Samini emphasized the importance of the mind and its impact on outcomes. He explained that he has a creative box, where no negativity is allowed. When he steps into that box to prepare for a performance or studio recording, any negativity present is blocked from affecting him until he has completed his task.

The singer-songwriter also highlighted the transformative power of being on stage. According to Samini, once he takes hold of the microphone, he enters a realm where all his troubles fade away. He emphasized that everyone involved in a performance carries personal issues, but when they step on stage, they release all the negative energy and enter a state of ecstasy.

When asked about concerns regarding repetitive performances, Samini expressed his desire to introduce new dynamics to his shows to avoid sounding monotonous. He believes in providing his audience with a wow factor, even if they have attended his previous performances.

Samini’s unwavering positivity and refusal to let negativity affect his performances serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists and individuals in any field. His powerful mindset demonstrates the potential to transcend challenges and deliver exceptional results when the mind is focused and shielded from negativity.

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