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Nigerian Musicians Are Filling Stadiums While Ghanaian Musicians Are Struggling To Fill Pubs – Ras Kuuku

In a recent interview, reggae dancehall artist Ras Kuuku shared his perspective on why Nigerian musicians are achieving greater international recognition compared to their Ghanaian counterparts. According to Kuuku, the key difference lies in the support and connections, or “plugs,” that Nigerian artists have access to, which are not as prevalent in Ghana.

During an appearance on Property FM in Cape Coast with Amansan Krakye, Ras Kuuku emphasized the importance of effectively promoting music beyond its creation and production. He stated, “As for the songs, the whole of Africa, everyone is doing their bits and shooting music videos, but most importantly, it’s about how you push it to go out there.”

Ras Kuuku further explained that Nigerian artists have a distinct approach and style in their work, contributing to their success. Comparing the Ghanaian and Nigerian music scenes, he highlighted the collective effort and collaborations among Nigerian artists when staging shows internationally. In contrast, Ghanaian artists tend to focus on individualism, which can result in disappointment and difficulties when organizing performances abroad.

The reggae dancehall artist acknowledged that the Ghanaian music industry is gradually adapting to the strategies employed by their Nigerian counterparts. He stressed the importance of unity among Ghanaian musicians, particularly the younger generation, emphasizing that strength in numbers can contribute to increased opportunities and success on the global stage.

As Ghana continues to produce remarkable talent in various music genres, Ras Kuuku’s insights shed light on the challenges faced by Ghanaian artists when it comes to achieving international recognition. By recognizing the significance of collaboration and learning from the success of neighboring countries like Nigeria, Ghanaian musicians have the potential to strengthen their presence on the global music scene.

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