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I Would Gather Boys To Beat Anyone Who Claims To Be My Lookalike – Oseikrom Sikanii

Ghanaian musician, Oseikrom Sikanii, has recently addressed the issue of lookalikes attempting to impersonate him and exploit his brand for personal gain. In a stern warning, the artist emphasized his zero tolerance for such fraudulent acts, vowing to take legal action and even resort to physical confrontation if necessary.

Oseikrom Sikanii, known for his unique persona and distinct qualities, made it clear that his brand should not be taken lightly. While acknowledging the existence of a lookalike, he stressed that this individual would never dare to publicly declare himself as the artist’s impersonator, as he understands the consequences.

“These lookalikes target the brands of certain musicians, but when it comes to my brand, they should know better than to play with it,” Oseikrom Sikanii asserted. “If he does, I will gather people to beat him up.”

In addition to addressing the impersonation issue, Oseikrom Sikanii emphasized his knowledge of the law and the vigilant nature of his legal team. He warned event organizers that any unauthorized performance of his songs would result in legal repercussions, regardless of the financial implications involved.

While some may perceive these acts as harmless, Oseikrom Sikanii views them as a significant problem that could tarnish his reputation and create further issues. He expressed his frustration with people exploiting his name for fraudulent activities, such as online scams, and emphasized the need for a strong response to serve as an example.

Oseikrom Sikanii’s strong warning sends a clear message to potential impersonators and fraudsters, highlighting his determination to protect his brand and reputation from any attempts to exploit or tarnish them. With his zero-tolerance approach and legal team in place, he stands ready to defend his identity and artistic work with all necessary measures.

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