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Lomah Biography: Age, Education, District, Hometown, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Talensi District’s Representative , Yintii Esther Yinlomah popularly known by stage name as Lomah has emerged as the winner of the Happy Man Bitters – Miss Upper East Ghana 2022 edition. Lomah wins by 40% votes. The grand finale which was held at the Gnat Hall in Bolgatanga on Monday, 2nd January, 2023 saw 8 top finalists who contested keenly for the beauty queen. The event featured Zampokma, Lamisi, Poka, Meriga, Bawku West District’s Awintima, Builsa District’s Ayaami, and Akelesyine from the Bolgatanga Central.

Reigning queen Yinime Angela gave her farewell speech as she handed over the crown she won from Vera Korah on January 3, 2020, to the Talensi District’s beauty and cultural queen Lomah.

Lomah took to the stage to discuss the road accident menace which has claimed so many lives across the country and the measures she has planned to put in place to reduce the rate of road accidents of which her first step is to “Create Awareness On Road Safety In The Upper East Region”.

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She performed consistently beautifully with amazing energy, eloquence, and confidence. Lomah booked a spot in the finals of the 2022 HMB-MUEG Pageant as a result of her hard work and superb performances coupled with votes from her supporters.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Age

Yintii Esther Yinlomah, the beauty and Cultural queen was born on 3rd July, 1999 up North in Ghana. She is 23 years old as of July, 2022.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Hometown

Yintii Esther Yinlomah is a native of Datuku/ Kulpeliga in the Talensi District of the Upper East region, Ghana.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Height

Yintii Esther Yinlomah is quite tall. She has a height of 5 ft 4.567 inches which is equivalent to 11.6 cm.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Weight

Yintii Esther Yinlomah is quite slim and has a naturally slender body. She weighs about 160.937 lbs which is equivalent to 73 kilograms.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Nationality

Yintii Esther Yinlomah is a native of Datuku/ Kulpeliga in the Talensi District of the Upper East region, Ghana.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah’s Husband

Lomah is not married yet as of January 2023 and has no known children yet.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah’s Parents

Lomah was born to Mr. Apostle Samuel Yintii and his wife Mrs. Nancy Yintii who are both from the Upper East region of Ghana.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Education

Yintii Esther Yinlomah is a past student of Bolgatanga Girl’s Senior High School. She is 1st year student of the Wa College Of Nursing.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah District represented

Yintii Esther Yinlomah is the Talensi District’s voice and representative in the 2022 edition of the Happy Man Bitters – Miss Upper East Ghana.

Yintii Esther Yinlomah Instagram

Lomah is quite active on Instagram with two accounts. She can be checked out on her handles @Cute_Lomah and @Queen_Lomah_ mueg_22.

Lomah’s Motivation

“I believe there is something important in everyone and the opportunity comes, take it and turn it into a world of paradise,where that will be your network source”

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