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Wiyaala Denounces Rita Etornam Sey’s False Claims about Northern Girls Using Clay as Sanitary Pads


Ghanaian musician Noella Wiyaala, popularly known as Wiyaala, has taken a strong stance against the baseless and offensive claim made by Ghanaian media personality Rita Etornam Sey. In a recent interview on 3FM, Sey alleged that girls from the Northern part of Ghana use clay as a substitute for sanitary pads due to poverty. Wiyaala, along with numerous Northerners, has expressed their indignation and demands an apology from Sey for spreading false information.

The Power of False Statements:

False information has the potential to harm individuals, communities, and entire regions, leading to the perpetuation of stereotypes and stigmatization. In this case, Sey’s claim about Northern girls using clay instead of sanitary pads reinforces harmful stereotypes about poverty and lack of access to necessities in the Northern part of Ghana. Such unfounded assertions can deepen societal divisions and hinder progress toward a more inclusive and unified nation.

Wiyaala’s Response:

Wiyaala, a prominent figure and a proud representative of the Northern region, has been vocal about dispelling misconceptions and challenging stereotypes. In a video response to Sey’s claim, Wiyaala strongly refuted the allegations and expressed her disappointment over the irresponsible statement made by Sey. She emphasized the importance of fact-checking and responsible journalism, urging Sey to retract her false statement and apologize.

The Demand for Retraction and Apology:

Wiyaala’s response resonated with many Northerners who were deeply offended by Sey’s remarks. Community leaders, activists, and individuals across various platforms have demanded that Sey publicly retract her statement and issue a sincere apology to the Northern community. The demand for accountability stems from the desire to rectify the negative image propagated by Sey’s false claim, as well as to prevent the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

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The Consequences of Spreading False Information:

Sey’s claim about Northern girls using clay as sanitary pads not only misrepresents the Northern region but also undermines the significant progress made in improving menstrual hygiene management across Ghana. Over the years, concerted efforts by NGOs, government initiatives, and community-based organizations have been successful in raising awareness, promoting education, and providing access to affordable sanitary products. Sey’s false statement not only discredits these efforts but also undermines the dignity and rights of Northern girls.

Promoting Truth and Understanding:

It is crucial to challenge and correct false narratives that perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Sey’s claim not only misrepresented the Northern community but also neglected the diversity and resilience of Northern girls who, like their counterparts across Ghana, deserve access to proper menstrual hygiene resources. By dispelling such falsehoods, we can foster understanding, empathy, and unity among Ghanaians from different regions and backgrounds.


Wiyaala’s response to Rita Etornam Sey’s baseless claim is commendable. False statements can have lasting repercussions, particularly when they reinforce stereotypes and stigmatization. Public figures and media personalities need to exercise responsible journalism, fact-check their statements, and refrain from spreading misinformation. By demanding a retraction and apology, Northerners are asserting their right to dignity and respect, while also highlighting the importance of truth and accuracy in public discourse.


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