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Lack of Promotional Plans Hindering Upper East Region Artists – Says DJ Aluther

Martin Akunsike known better as DJ Aluther, a prominent figure in the music scene, has shed light on the challenges faced by artists in the Upper East Region when it comes to music promotion. In his recent remarks, he highlighted the absence of promotional plans among local artists, emphasizing the need for effective marketing strategies to complement their creative efforts.

According to DJ Aluther, artists in the region invest significant time and energy into producing their music, but often fall short in terms of promoting their work. He pointed out the lack of marketing ideas and urged artists to develop comprehensive promotional plans to maximize the reach and impact of their songs.

“One thing about artistes in the Upper East Region is that they will put in all the efforts in the production of the material but the end product is to sell the material produced, they lack those ideas. It means they lack good marketers. They show so much energy going to the studio to record and everything but when it comes to promoting the song, they relax. They lack ideas. They don’t have a promotional plan”.

“Most artistes have problems with me. If you send a song to me via WhatsApp, I don’t accept it. The format changes, the name and the naming of the song changes, and you don’t know the kind of Phone and laptop I am using. You are giving me extra work to pick a song, put it on my laptop and rename it. They have forgotten that I can lose my phone or my laptop at any time. But when you send it to me via email, it will be there for me to have access to at any time even if I lose my phone or laptop. Some of them think that is proving difficult but I am not. Am only educating them to do things the right way.”

One key recommendation put forth by DJ Aluther is for artists to utilize appropriate channels when sending their songs to DJs for promotion. He expressed frustration with receiving songs via WhatsApp, as it often leads to formatting and naming issues. By using email instead, artists can ensure that their music remains accessible even if the DJ loses their phone or laptop.

The remarks made by DJ Aluther highlight a broader issue within the music industry of the Upper East Region. The lack of promotional plans and effective marketing strategies not only limit the exposure of local artists but also hinder their ability to generate income from their creative endeavors. It is crucial for artists to recognize the importance of promoting their work and seek guidance from professionals like DJs, radio presenters, and bloggers who can help amplify their music to a wider audience.

The words of DJ Aluther underscore the pressing need for artists in the Upper East Region to develop comprehensive promotional plans. By adopting effective marketing strategies and collaborating with industry professionals, artists can enhance their visibility and gain the recognition they deserve. It is through such collective efforts that the vibrant music scene in the Upper East Region can flourish and reach new heights.


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