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Kegbulchu Strikes Back: Veteran Rapper Claps Back at Biiq Dorley with Fiery Diss Track


In the latest chapter of the rap feud shaking up Gonjaland, veteran lyricist Kegbulchu has emerged as the first artist to hit back at rival Biiq Dorley. After enduring the verbal blows of Biiq Dorley’s scathing diss track, “My Letter,” Kegbulchu has retaliated with a scorching rebuttal titled “Nya mba” (I am back as usual).

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In this electrifying track, Kegbulchu reaffirms his dominance in the rap game, delivering knockout punches that remind listeners why he’s a titan of the Savannah region’s hip-hop scene. With razor-sharp lyrics and relentless flow, Kegbulchu showcases his prowess, proving once again why he’s revered as one of the foremost figures in region’s rap music scene.

As fans eagerly await Biiq Dorley’s response, Kegbulchu’s “Nya mba” sets the stage for a showdown of epic proportions in Gonjaland’s music arena. Stay tuned as the battle of words and wit unfolds, with Kegbulchu leading the charge in this fiery rap rivalry.

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