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I fear for my life when a woman starts expressing her feelings for me – Ofori Amponsah

Ghanaian Highlife singer, Ofori Amponsah, has revealed the rationale behind his reluctance to indulge in women and romantic relationships, stating that proposing to a woman is a daunting task due to his fear of disappointment.

Known for his hit songs such as “Otoolege,” “Hello Hello,” and “Alewa,” Ofori Amponsah, 49, is renowned for his romantic lyrics and soulful music, however, this does not apply to his personal life and relationships.

Ofori Amponsah, who spoke to Graphic Showbiz shared his perspective on love, expressing scepticism about the concept of true love.

He emphasized that individuals who hastily profess their love are often the ones who end up causing the most pain.

“I tread carefully when people show me, love. More often than not, those who claim to love you are the ones who hurt you the most. Look at the case of the Police Inspector who killed his lover. How can someone profess love and then commit such an act? If you truly love someone, the last thing on your mind should be causing them harm,” Ofori Amponsah remarked.

The artist, known for his soulful ballads and captivating stage presence, has been a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music industry since his collaboration with Daddy Lumba in 1999 on the album “Wo Ho Kyere

However, despite his musical success and adoration from fans, Ofori Amponsah also known as Mr All 4 Real confessed that he does not believe in the power of romantic love and harbours a deep fear of women expressing their feelings towards him.

“In this world, the last thing I expect from a woman is for her to show me love. I fear for my life when a woman starts expressing her feelings for me,” he confessed.

Ofori Amponsah’s career hiatus in recent years has left fans eagerly awaiting his return to the music scene.

It was therefore not shocking when his performance at the recently held Vodafone  Ghana Music Awards got the audience on their feet and dominated entertainment conversations all week.

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