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How I Started Making Money From Music After I Left Sarkodie’s Label – Strongman Burner

My Musical Journey: Strongman Burner Finds Success After Leaving Sarkodie’s Label

Ghanaian rapper Strongman Burner, also known as Strongman, has opened up about his flourishing music career and financial success since parting ways with Sarkodie’s record label, Sarkcess Music. Strongman joined the label in 2017 but decided to leave in 2019 to pursue his own path.

During his time with Sarkcess Music, Strongman released several hit songs and received support from CEO Sarkodie. However, he revealed that he began experiencing financial success in music right around the time he was preparing to leave the label. This newfound success allowed him to grow both financially and professionally.

“I think when I was about to leave Sarkcess was when I started to make money in music. Before Sarkcess, I had some money on money which I could use to buy a car but I didn’t and rather spent it on other things”, he said.

In an interview, Strongman expressed gratitude towards Sarkodie for his help in his career but emphasized that he now feels more at peace and liberated in terms of creating music and his overall life. He mentioned that his mind feels clear of certain constraints since leaving the label.

“After I left, there is no stress in life anymore. I am not saying Sarkodie did not help and I have never said that. If I was in Form 1 and when I was with Sarkcess, my level changed to Form two, and you don’t expect me to remain there.

“I have to fight harder and grow. Sarkcess helped me but at the level I am now, I am happy. It’s not about the money aspect but it’s more like I feel now my mind has been cleared of certain things”, he explained.

Strongman’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians, showing that sometimes stepping out of the shadow of a popular label can lead to newfound success and personal growth. It is a reminder that success can be achieved through hard work, determination, and the willingness to take risks.

While Strongman appreciates the support he received during his time with Sarkcess Music, he is now focused on his own journey, determined to fight harder and reach new heights in the music industry. His story serves as a reminder that sometimes, leaving a comfortable situation can lead to even greater achievements.

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