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Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen Teiya Constructs Borehole, Brings Clean Water to Lungsi Fong Community

Dahamani Tung-Teiya, the reigning Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen, has demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact in society by commissioning a borehole for the residents of Lungsi Fong, a community in the Tolong area. The event, which took place on June 16, 2023, marks another significant achievement in Queen Teiya’s mission to give back to her community.

In a heartfelt post on her Instagram, Queen Teiya emphasized the importance of access to potable water, stating, “If water is life, then I’m sure that potable water is good life.” Her dedication to improving the lives of others is evident in her tireless efforts to provide essential resources to underserved areas.

Gratitude was expressed to the Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust for their financial support in making the borehole project possible. Queen Teiya also extended her appreciation to her supporters, acknowledging their contribution to the success of this initiative. She described the joy she felt witnessing the smiles on the faces of the residents, especially the children who delighted in playing with the clean water.

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Bringing drinkable water to underserved regions in the North has been a lifelong goal for Queen Teiya. The construction of the borehole in Lungsi not only provides pure water for the community but also represents one of the many life-changing endeavors she has undertaken during her tenure as Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2022.

Queen Teiya’s dedication to social responsibility serves as an inspiration to others, highlighting the transformative power of individuals who use their platform for the betterment of society. Her efforts demonstrate that beauty goes beyond physical appearances and encompasses acts of kindness, compassion, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

As Queen Teiya continues her reign, her commitment to philanthropy and her unwavering determination to improve the well-being of communities will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps and create positive change in Ghana and beyond.

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