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Essi opens up on Lynx sampling her ‘Low’ song

Ghanaian singer Essi has finally touched on reports that record label, Lynx Entertainment, sampled her ‘Low’ song in their latest ‘Vibrate’ tune.

According to her, she was approached by some of her colleagues in class who showed her Lynx’s latest Vibrate song.

After examining the rhythms, Essi said she was sure the inspiration behind the song stemmed from her Low song.

“I was in class and people started showing me videos. So when I listened to it I know it was my melody and I knew it was their hallmark. They do that a lot by taking hooks and sampling old songs.”

On the contrary, Essi said she didn’t mind since it equally portrayed that she is climbing up the ladder.

“But I think it also means I am doing the right thing. Sampling is not a big deal but I think giving credit is okay,” she expressed.

“I’m set to break the norm in the music industry,” says Essi, born Maame Esi Awotwe, as she releases her debut album, G.O.O.D tape Vol. 1, featuring 14 tracks.

Essi gained recognition for her musical talents when she won the 2011 TV3 Talented Kids show. With her album, she seeks to showcase Ghana’s indigenous Highlife genre while also championing Afrobeats.

Recorded live with her new band, Pacs Band, the album promises fresh melodies and rhythmic tones for listeners. The album also features collaborations with Kelvyn Boy, Frenzy Offixial, Trap Boi Flame, and Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame.

In an interview, Essi emphasised the importance of more than just talent in a successful music career, saying, “Talent is not enough. But if you build yourself well you go far. It’s not about going to school to learn music, you will have to understand your environment, the notes, and other elements.”

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