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Award-Winning Blogger Ameyaw Debrah Celebrates 42nd Birthday with Unforgettable Gifts from Notable Brands, Thanks to Visual Display Network (VDN) Founder Gorbachev Awuah

On July 21, 2023, the Ghanaian blogosphere lit up with birthday wishes as the renowned celebrity Blogger, Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, popularly known as Ameyaw Debrah, turned 42 years. As a well-respected figure in the world of entertainment journalism, Ameyaw Debrah has been recognized with multiple awards for his exceptional contributions to the field. To mark this momentous occasion, he was treated to an extraordinary day full of surprises, compliments of Gorbachev Awuah, the visionary Founder of the Visual Display Network (VDN).

The Birthday extravaganza commenced at the picturesque Taste Acardia restaurant, nestled in the heart of East Legon. Over a delightful Breakfast and refreshing cocktails, setting the tone for a day filled with joy and camaraderie.

VDN Founder Gorbachev Awuah x Award winning Blogger Ameyaw Debrah


Following the scrumptious start to the day, the celebrations continued at the esteemed Beauty Temple Salon, located at Dzorwulu. This luxurious salon, renowned for its expert beauticians and premium services, pampered the birthday celebrity with a makeover, including a relaxing manicure and pedicure session. But the surprises did not stop there! Ameyaw Debrah was also presented with an elegant watch gift from the prestigious Plug Watches.

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Next on the treat was the talented Escoba The Barber, who skillfully crafted a stylish and impeccable haircut, adding to the blogger’s dashing appearance. The surprises kept rolling in as Sneakers Bare, a prominent Brand known for its exclusive collection of footwear, gifted Ameyaw Debrah with trendy apparel and a pair of coveted Air Force sneakers.

The day reached its culinary climax at the illustrious Perfect Touch Restaurant, where the birthday celebrant relished a delectable lunch. The icing on the cake, both figuratively and literally, was the cake-cutting ceremony, adding an extra layer of sweetness to the celebrations.

The grand finale took place at the upscale Liquid and Grills, where Ameyaw Debrah was treated to a sumptuous dinner. In a gesture of gratitude for all the thoughtful gifts and efforts put into making his birthday extraordinary, Ameyaw Debrah expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Gorbachev Awuah, acknowledging him as the mastermind behind this unforgettable experience.

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Notably, all the brands that contributed to this remarkable celebration—Taste Acardia, Sneakers Bare, Beauty Temple Gh, and Perfect Touch—are clients of the Visual Display Network, the brainchild of the Digital Marketing virtuoso, Gorbachev Awuah. Through his strategic vision and entrepreneurial prowess, Gorbachev Awuah has not only built a successful Network of Businesses but also orchestrated a birthday celebration that will forever be etched in Ameyaw Debrah’s memory.

As Ameyaw Debrah enters this new chapter of his life, he does so with cherished memories of a birthday celebration that epitomized the essence of joy, friendship, and gratitude. Thanks to the thoughtful gifts and the effort of Gorbachev Awuah and his Team, this birthday extravaganza exemplified the spirit of camaraderie and the power of collaboration among prominent Brands in the entertainment industry.

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