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Download Chike Ft. MohBad – Egwu | mp3

The vibrant and infectious “Egwu” by Chike featuring the late Mohbad is setting the music world on fire. This collaborative effort, with Mohbad’s vocals even after his passing, is a testament to the power of music and a joyous celebration that has people everywhere moving their bodies.

“Egwu,” which translates to “dance” in Igbo, is a perfect embodiment of its title. Built on the energetic rhythms of Amapiano, the song is an irresistible invitation to get on the dance floor. Produced by DeeYasso, the track blends Chike’s signature soulful vocals with Mohbad’s distinct street-pop style, creating a unique and captivating soundscape.

The song’s lyrics amplify the spirit of celebration. Lines like “Music no need permission to enter your spirit” capture the universal power of music to transcend barriers and uplift moods. Whether you’re listening at home or at a party, “Egwu” is guaranteed to get you moving.

The official music video for “Egwu” is a visual explosion of color and energy, perfectly complementing the song’s infectious energy. Directed by Pink, the video features scenes of diverse dancers moving to the rhythm, interspersed with images of Mohbad himself. It’s a touching tribute that celebrates both the music and the memory of the late artist.

“Egwu” is taking major music streaming platforms by storm, and for good reason. With its infectious energy, powerful message, and stellar performances by Chike and Mohbad, this song is a surefire hit. So, put on your dancing shoes, turn up the volume, and let “Egwu” take over your spirit.


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