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Cruise People Ltd Sues Black Sherif for $100,000 Over Concert Contract Breach

In a surprising turn of events, Cruise People Limited, a prominent event organizing company, has filed a lawsuit against popular musician Black Sherif, alleging breach of contract and claiming damages amounting to $100,000. The dispute centers around the cancellation of the highly anticipated Afro Cruise Jam concert, which was expected to be a major musical extravaganza.

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According to the legal documents submitted to the High Court, Cruise People Limited had engaged Black Sherif’s services for the Afro Cruise Jam event and paid half of his booking fee, totaling $20,000. As part of the agreement, the musician was also required to create a video confirming his participation in the concert, which was crucial for the event’s media launch.

However, despite promising to provide the required video, Black Sherif failed to deliver, leading to a cascading effect of problems. Cruise People Limited had already invested $18,000 to secure cabins on the cruise ship for the event attendees. Additionally, they had paid GH₵65,000 to Joy FM for the launch event on Drive Time.

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The absence of Black Sherif’s video confirmation resulted in the cruise line canceling the cabin bookings, leading to a significant loss of the deposit paid. Cruise People Limited argues that the musician was well aware of the importance of his confirmation in generating interest and ensuring the event’s success.

As a consequence of Black Sherif’s alleged breach of contract, Cruise People Limited is seeking compensation for various losses and damages. This includes a refund of the $20,000 booking fee, reimbursement of the $18,000 lost deposit on cabin reservations, and $50,000 to cover the profits that were expected from the concert.

Moreover, Cruise People Limited is requesting interest on the booking fee from the date of the alleged breach until full payment and the reimbursement of the advertising expenses incurred to promote Black Sherif’s video clip.

The legal battle between Cruise People Limited and Black Sherif highlights the importance of fulfilling contractual obligations in the entertainment industry. As the case proceeds in court, music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike will be keenly watching the outcome and its potential implications on future artist-event organizer relationships.

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