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Black Rasta Calls for Consequences: Sarkodie Should Lose Ambassadorial Deals and Face Music Ban for Disrespecting Womanhood

Renowned reggae/kuchoko artiste and OAP, Black Rasta, has expressed his disappointment in Sarkodie’s response to actress Yvonne Nelson’s recent revelations in her memoir, “Tell it all, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’.” Speaking on UTV’s Showbiz Night, Black Rasta criticized Sarkodie’s remarks and called for severe consequences as a result of his disrespectful behavior towards women.

Black Rasta condemned the artiste’s choice of words and lack of maturity when addressing the allegations made by Yvonne Nelson. He emphasized that considering the hardships she has endured, he expected Sarkodie to respond with intelligence and empathy. Instead, Sarkodie’s retort, which included the phrase “You’re for the street” and implied that he had slept with a “street girl,” was deemed immature and disrespectful by Black Rasta.

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Expressing his strong disapproval, Black Rasta stated, “You don’t look down on people like that. I wish Yvonne would have withheld some names, but Sarkodie’s response was unintelligent.” He went on to advocate for severe consequences, saying, “If I had my way, I would strip Sarkodie of all his ambassadorial deals and ban his music for his disrespect for womanhood.”

Black Rasta’s remarks highlight the significance of responsible behavior, especially for public figures and ambassadors who are expected to uphold certain values. He calls for accountability and consequences for Sarkodie, emphasizing the need to respect and uplift womanhood.

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As this controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how Sarkodie and the relevant stakeholders will respond to the calls for action. The outcome will undoubtedly have implications not only for Sarkodie’s reputation but also for the broader conversation about respect, gender equality, and accountability in the entertainment industry.

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