King Ayisoba And Atongo Zimba Lock Horns Over Kologo Music Supremacy (VIDEO)

King Ayisoba And Atongo Zimba Lock Horns Over Kologo Music Supremacy

Apozora Ayisoba, better known in the Music industry as King Ayisoba, became a star in west Africa by furiously updating traditional styles. He comes from the far north of Ghana, Upper East region to be precise, where he studied the kologo, a two-stringed lute, before moving to the capital Accra, where he used the traditional instrument to provide the backing for his massive hit ‘I Want to see you, my father’. King Ayisoba is tremendously recognized as one of the greatest Ghanaian music exports.

Atongo Zimba on the other hand was born in Ghana in 1967. His grandfather taught him how to build and play his kologo, the two-stringed calabash lute, and the first songs he learned were rooted firmly in tradition. He was also exposed to African popular music on the radio, and like many of his contemporaries, he was enthralled by the sounds of Fela Kuti’s afrobeat. Afrobeat inspired him so much he decided to explore the musical idioms of the surrounding regions. Decades, Atongo Zimba composed a mega hit song titled ‘No Beer In Heaven’, which gained nationwide recognition and still considered the greatest song in his discography.

Atongo Zimba and King Ayisoba have both consistently incorporated captivating music from their respective discographies that have steadfastly received enormous worldwide acclaim.

The ‘I want to see you my father’ coroner is the leading musician to re-ignite their dispute in a recent interview, which seems surprising given that these two greatest Upper East musicians have been at odds for years over what is referred to as ‘kologo music supremacy.’

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In an interview with Bryte TV, King Ayisoba was quick to praise Osibisa as one of the greatest tour promoters of Ghanaian music, noting that no one does it better than himself in recent years.

“When we talk about a Ghanaian musician who performs at festivals and tours the world, I come to mind”, King Ayisoba recalled, “First, it was Osibisa, but after Osibisa, I don’t think there is anyone.” He added that he wants people to believe that he and Osibisa are the best at selling Ghanaian music abroad.

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He remarked, “I want you to say that we are the ones selling Ghana to the world.”

He made the afore-quoted statements in response to the host’s assertion that he (King Ayisoba) is one of the artistes (Wiyaala, Atongo Zimba, etc.) who sell Ghanaian music internationally.

On the same platform (Bryte TV), Atongo Zimba rebutted King Ayisoba’s claim by saying that he always feels like he is on top of his game and better than the rest of his peers, even though he lacks such a pedigree.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com

Watch their respective interviews below;



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