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King Ayisoba and Atongo Zimba Engage in Kologo Music Battle for Supremacy (VIDEO)

The world of Ghanaian music is currently witnessing a clash of titans as two legendary musicians, King Ayisoba and Atongo Zimba, lock horns over the supremacy of kologo music. Both artists have garnered immense fame and recognition for their innovative incorporation of traditional styles into their music, captivating audiences both locally and internationally.

King Ayisoba, hailing from the Upper East region of Ghana, rose to stardom by revolutionizing traditional music with his mastery of the kologo, a two-stringed lute. His groundbreaking hit song, ‘I Want to see you, my father,’ showcased the power of this traditional instrument and solidified his position as one of Ghana’s greatest musical exports.

Atongo Zimba, born in Ghana in 1967, inherited his passion for music from his grandfather, who taught him to build and play the kologo. Influenced by African popular music, particularly the sounds of Fela Kuti’s afrobeat, Zimba began infusing various musical idioms from surrounding regions into his compositions. His iconic track, ‘No Beer In Heaven,’ propelled him to national acclaim and remains one of his most celebrated works.

Despite their undeniable talent and success, the rivalry between King Ayisoba and Atongo Zimba over kologo music supremacy has persisted for years. In a recent interview, King Ayisoba reignited the dispute by asserting himself as the leading Ghanaian musician to promote and tour the world with his music, alongside the legendary Osibisa.

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While praising Osibisa as a great promoter of Ghanaian music, King Ayisoba confidently stated that he and Osibisa are the foremost torchbearers of showcasing Ghanaian music internationally. He expressed his desire for people to recognize their contributions in selling Ghana to the world..

“When we talk about a Ghanaian musician who performs at festivals and tours the world, I come to mind”, King Ayisoba recalled, “First, it was Osibisa, but after Osibisa, I don’t think there is anyone.” He added that he wants people to believe that he and Osibisa are the best at selling Ghanaian music abroad.

However, Atongo Zimba quickly countered King Ayisoba’s claim, asserting his belief that he is on top of his game and superior to his peers.

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He remarked, “I want you to say that we are the ones selling Ghana to the world.”

The clash of egos between these two prominent Upper East musicians has sparked curiosity and excitement within the Ghanaian music scene. Fans eagerly await the outcome of this ongoing battle for kologo music supremacy, wondering who will emerge victorious and claim the crown.

As the music world watches these two remarkable artists compete, it is clear that their passion for their craft and dedication to preserving and evolving traditional music will continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Their contributions to the Ghanaian music industry have undeniably solidified their status as musical icons, and their rivalry only adds to the rich tapestry of Ghana’s vibrant music scene.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com

Watch their respective interviews below;


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