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Amaarae Unleashes Groundbreaking Album “Fountain Baby” and Prepares to Make History on NPR Tiny Desk

Ghanaian artist Amaarae has officially released her highly anticipated album, “Fountain Baby,” through Interscope Records, marking a monumental moment in her career. With critical acclaim from esteemed publications like NPR, Billboard, The New Yorker, and Elle, Amaarae’s distinctive blend of experimental pop and mainstream Afrobeats has positioned her as a leading figure in the pop music scene.

“Fountain Baby” showcases Amaarae’s exceptional talent and visionary approach to music. The album’s captivating tracks delve into themes of female empowerment, the disruption of gender norms, and an enchanting exploration of female sexuality and artistic self-expression. By infusing her West African heritage with a global perspective, Amaarae defies genre and regional boundaries, solidifying her role as a crucial architect in the future of music.

To celebrate the album’s release, Amaarae treats her fans to a mesmerizing music video for the explosive track, “Wasted Eyes,” directed by the talented Lauren Dunn. The visually stunning narrative depicts a seductive encounter that escalates into a fierce altercation between an assailant and the lethal seductress herself, Amaarae. This video not only celebrates self-expression but also emphasizes Amaarae’s undeniable sexual appeal, further cementing her position in the pop arena.

Continuing her meteoric rise, Amaarae’s viral hit “Sad Girlz Luv Money” featuring Kali Uchis has recently achieved platinum certification. The track has amassed an astonishing 379 million global streams, reached notable chart positions on the Billboard Hot 100, and dominated TikTok as the number one song for multiple weeks. This extraordinary accomplishment showcases Amaarae’s undeniable impact in the music industry and solidifies her status as a trailblazer.

Furthermore, Amaarae has been invited to perform songs from her new album on the esteemed NPR Tiny Desk series, making her the first Ghanaian artist to grace the renowned stage. This remarkable opportunity not only highlights the widespread recognition of her talent but also affirms her place among the music industry’s elite.

Commenting on the release of “Fountain Baby,” Amaarae shares her thoughts: “‘Fountain Baby’ exudes an unstoppable surge of sex appeal, abundant blessings, and undeniable swag. It serves as my vibrant declaration to the world that I am a truly blessed child of God.”

Fans can listen to Amaarae’s “Fountain Baby” album by visiting:

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