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Showbowy Attacks Muslims Who Attended Soorebia’s Made In Bolga Concert

Cantankerous Northern-based singer, Showbowy has taken a swipe at some groups of musicians and entertainment enthusiasts in the Upper East region.

Soorebia, a gifted rapper and songwriter from Ghana, put on a successful arts and crafts festival to celebrate the rich cultural heritage (dance, food, fashion, and arts and crafts) of Bolgatanga and the Upper East Region of Ghana as well as to also to excite his fans with great stagecraft.

On Sunday, April 9, 2023, at the Jubilee Park in Bolgatanga, the festival’s first event—an exhibit of regional arts and crafts—was held. The second event, a musical concert, took place at the Jocom Golden Hotel on April 10.

The musical concert, like the one before it, was attended by music fans from all over the country especially fans from the Northern part of the country

The festival is known to be one of the biggest artiste-led music festivals in the northern part of Ghana. The serial hit-making rapper joined a legion of musical artists and a variety of creatives and entertained the attendees with impressive performances.

Popularly known for his grouchy personality and severe record of an acrid relationship with the rapper, Showbowy launched missiles at the camp of undisclosed persons who attended the musical concert.

According to the self-acclaimed Bolga Shatta Wale in a recent post on Facebook, every Muslim who attended the musical concert is a disgrace to the Islamic Faith. He claimed that Islamic doctrines do not allow those practicing the faith to attend events of that nature during Ramadan.

“About last night Soorebia’s made in Bolga any Muslim that took part is a disgrace to his community you can’t be fasting and go play show during this holy month. May God guide us all.. and I have seen Soorebia didn’t target any Muslim art because he knows it will be difficult for him to get them on bill I guess the found their way in is a shame to you all..,” he said.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com

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