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High Spirit Seg Prepares to Deliver a Fiery Reply in ‘Art of War (State Of Industry Address)’ Diss Track To Ratty Bangarang

High Spirit Seg, the talented singer, rapper, and lead artiste of Shurum Empire, is ready to unleash a powerful response to fellow artiste Ratty Bangarang in his highly anticipated diss track titled ‘Art of War (State Of Industry Address)’. While the track is primarily aimed at Ratty Bangarang, known for his recent diss song targeting several rappers in Northern Ghana, it is rumored that High Spirit Seg will cleverly incorporate subtle shots at other artists in the industry.

High Spirit Seg has established himself as one of the biggest names in the Upper East Music Industry through his consistent release of hit songs and captivating live performances. With his reputation for delivering thought-provoking lyrics and infectious melodies, fans are eagerly awaiting his response to Ratty Bangarang’s provocative track.

Ratty Bangarang’s diss song, titled ‘I Don’t Want Peace,’ targeted prominent Northern Ghana rappers Nambawan, High Spirit Seg, and Showbowy, who have been engaged in a heated back-and-forth both in their songs and on social media platforms. In his fiery track, Ratty Bangarang dismissed his rivals as newcomers in the industry, challenging them to prove themselves through their music rather than relying on online feuds. He specifically referred to Showbowy as a Yoruba Gangster and asserted that Nambawan’s status as a popular figure did not grant him dominance over the music scene.

However, it seems that Ratty Bangarang’s diss track did not go unanswered for long, as High Spirit Seg is now preparing to retaliate with ‘Art of War (State Of Industry Address)’. Fans are intrigued by the song’s title, which suggests that High Spirit Seg might not only address Ratty Bangarang but also deliver pointed remarks to other artists within the industry.

Although specific details about the content of Highe Spirit’s track remain unknown, anticipation is mounting as fans wonder how he will artfully respond to Ratty Bangarang’s challenges. Moreover, the fact that High Spirit Seg will perform the song in pure patois adds an additional layer of excitement and curiosity.

Stay tuned to this site as we will bring you the latest updates on High Spirit’s forthcoming diss track. Music enthusiasts and fans of the Upper East Music Industry are eagerly awaiting this fiery musical exchange, which is bound to make waves and further fuel the ongoing feud between these talented artists.

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