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DOWNLOAD Mp3: Ratty Bangarang – I Don’t Want Peace (Nambawan, Showbowy & High Spirit Seg Diss)

Reggae/Dancehall artiste Ratty Bangarang has set the stage ablaze with the release of his latest diss track, ‘I Don’t Want Peace’. The scathing song takes aim at two prominent rappers in Northern Ghana, Nambawan and Showbowy, who have been engaged in a public feud through songs and social media exchanges.

The feud between Nambawan and Showbowy escalated when Nambawan released a track titled ‘Under 1 Minute’, claiming that he singlehandedly revived Showbowy’s music career with a mere Facebook post. In response, Ratty Bangarang has come forward to assert his own presence in the industry and challenge both rappers.

In ‘I Don’t Want Peace’, Ratty Bangarang boldly dismisses Nambawan and Showbowy as fledglings in the music scene, accusing them of relying on empty bravado. He calls for the two rappers to prove their worth by stepping into the recording studio rather than resorting to social media spats. Ratty describes Showbowy as a Yoruba Gangster and suggests that he has failed to respond to Nambawan’s diss track because he lacks the substance to do so. The artiste warns Nambawan against overestimating his influence, referring to him as a mere spectator in Ratty’s own league, despite his fan-given moniker, “Jet Lee.”

While primarily targeting Nambawan and Showbowy, Ratty Bangarang subtly takes a swipe at the High Spirit Seg, the lead artiste of Shurum Empire, in the closing lines of the song. However, Ratty emphasizes that his track serves as more of a warning than a direct attack.

The entire song is delivered by Ratty Bangarang in authentic patois, adding to its raw intensity and showcasing his musical prowess. To fully experience the song’s impact, listeners are encouraged to tune in to the track, which can be found below.

As the feud between Nambawan, Showbowy, and now Ratty Bangarang continues to unfold, stay tuned for further updates on this captivating musical saga.


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