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Mummy Wa Reveals Reasons Behind Exiting Mr Macaroni’s Skits as Onscreen Wife

Popular skit-maker, Kemi Ikuseedun, widely known as Mummy Wa, has finally opened up about her decision to step away from her role as Mr Macaroni’s onscreen wife after four years. In an interview with Saturday Beats, she shared her aspirations for new opportunities and personal growth that prompted her to consider a future beyond her current persona.

During the interview, Mummy Wa discussed her desire to explore different avenues and constantly brainstorm new ideas. She expressed her belief that one day she might outgrow her role as “Mummy Wa” and emphasized the importance of personal growth and evolution in her career.

Mummy Wa also addressed questions about her personal life, particularly the possibility of double dating. Reflecting on her past relationship with colleague Isbae U, which ended due to alleged physical abuse, she expressed her perspective on romantic relationships. She stated that she cannot romantically love two people simultaneously and believes it is challenging to divide one’s focus between two partners.

Additionally, Mummy Wa shared her thoughts on the topic of men paying for transportation expenses on dates. While she doesn’t believe it is necessary for men to pay, she acknowledged that some may choose to do so as an act of chivalry or to assist their date if she is in need. However, personally, she prefers not to allow a guy to pay for her transportation fare on a date.

Mummy Wa’s decision to leave her role as Mr Macaroni’s onscreen wife showcases her dedication to personal growth and her determination to explore new opportunities. As she embarks on this new chapter of her career, fans eagerly anticipate what she has in store next.

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