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Alapta Wan’s ‘Bless Me’ Debuts At Number 23 On Audiomack Weekly Chart, Netherlands

Alapta Wan, a rising star in the Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall scene, has achieved a remarkable feat with her single “Bless Me.” The track has entered the prestigious Audiomack weekly chart, securing the impressive 23rd position out of the top 100 songs in the Netherlands. This accomplishment highlights Alapta Wan’s undeniable talent and the global appeal of her music.

Released just a few weeks ago under Savannah Records, “Bless Me” has garnered widespread attention and positive feedback from both fans and music critics. The song’s central theme revolves around the concept of seeking divine intervention and praying for blessings. Alapta Wan’s emotive vocals bring forth a sincere yearning for a better life while expressing her deep desire for God’s guidance and favor. This heartfelt approach allows listeners to connect with the artiste on a personal level, as they too share in the universal pursuit of hope and prosperity.

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One of the key factors that set “Bless Me” apart is its incorporation of the vibrant sounds of Hiplife, a popular Ghanaian musical genre that blends highlife and hip-hop elements. The infusion of Hiplife into Alapta Wan’s Reggae/Dancehall style adds a unique and captivating flavor to the track. The lively instrumentation, including grooving basslines and energetic percussions, complements the artist’s vocals flawlessly, resulting in an infectious rhythm that compels listeners to move and groove along.

The success of “Bless Me” on the Audiomack weekly chart demonstrates Alapta Wan’s ability to captivate audiences across borders with her music. It is a testament to her artistic vision and the hard work put into crafting a song that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Alapta Wan’s rise in the music industry is a promising sign for both the Ghanaian music scene and the Reggae/Dancehall genre as a whole.


With her single making waves and earning recognition on a global platform like Audiomack, Alapta Wan is undoubtedly a talent to watch closely. Her unique blend of Reggae/Dancehall and Hiplife, coupled with her heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals, sets her apart as an artist with immense potential. As she continues to create music that touches the hearts and souls of her listeners, it is only a matter of time before Alapta Wan reaches even greater heights in her musical journey.

With its relatable lyrics, infectious rhythm, and Alapta Wan’s emotive vocals, the song has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. This achievement serves as a testament to Alapta Wan’s talent and the universal appeal of her music. As she continues to create and share her artistry, Alapta Wan is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

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