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Akosua Adjepong Vows to Face GHAMRO in Court, Refusing to be Silenced

Akosua Adjepong, a renowned Ghanaian artiste, has declared her unwavering resolve to confront the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) in a court battle over alleged royalty issues. Despite the threat of a lawsuit from GHAMRO, Akosua Adjepong remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice and claims that her accusations against the organization are not baseless.

The controversy began when Akosua Adjepong publicly criticized GHAMRO’s Interim Management Committee, headed by Chairman Rex Omar, accusing them of operating unlawfully. She called for the intervention of the Attorney General’s office to shut down the committee. These statements sparked outrage among some GHAMRO executive members, who threatened legal action against her for spreading what they deemed false information.

Undeterred by the threats, Akosua Adjepong stands resolute in her quest for transparency within GHAMRO. In an interview with Graphic Showbiz on June 12, 2023, she expressed her readiness to face GHAMRO head-on. She stated, “I am waiting for them. I don’t care at all if they want to sue me. I am very ready for them. If they think what I have been saying are lies, and they have their truth somewhere, I am ever ready to face and confront them in court with facts.”

Akosua Adjepong believes that GHAMRO’s threats of legal action are merely attempts to silence her and hinder her quest for truth. She firmly stated, “I’m not sure what I did wrong. What I do know is that people despise the truth, and if you tell the truth, you make enemies for yourself. They’re simply threatening to sue me to get me to stop talking, and I’m not ready to comply because I want what’s right to be done.”

Furthermore, Akosua Adjepong made it clear that she is prepared to address any counter-allegations made by GHAMRO. Her determination to fight for transparency and fairness in the music industry highlights the significance of the issue at hand.

As the dispute between Akosua Adjepong and GHAMRO escalates, the court battle that lies ahead will not only determine the validity of her claims but also shed light on the functioning of GHAMRO as a collective rights management organization. This legal confrontation could potentially shape the future landscape of the Ghanaian music industry, prompting discussions on accountability and transparency within artist royalty structures.

Only time will tell how this legal saga unfolds, but for now, Akosua Adjepong remains resolute in her mission to seek justice and hold GHAMRO accountable for what she believes to be wrongful practices.

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