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Lasmid Asserts Independence and Addresses Controversy: “I am not an ungrateful person”

In the world of music, artists often face scrutiny and rumors that can sometimes overshadow their talents. Lasmid Nathaniel Owusu, popularly known as Lasmid, found himself at the center of such speculations recently. However, during a recent interview on Ayekoo Ayekoo at Accra 100.5 FM, he tackled these issues with remarkable poise and clarified his position.

Having risen to fame as the winner of MTN Hitmaker 8, Lasmid has been on an exciting musical journey. But fame comes with its fair share of challenges, including accusations of ingratitude. In response to this criticism, Lasmid remained composed and explained that criticism is an inevitable part of success. In fact, he sees it as a sign that he is making significant strides in his career.

Dismissing any notion of being ungrateful, Lasmid assured fans and critics alike that he appreciates the support he has received throughout his journey. It’s evident that he values the opportunities he has been given and holds his supporters in high regard.

One of the main controversies surrounding Lasmid was his alleged dispute with Kaywa, the renowned sound engineer, music executive, and founder of Highly Spiritual Music. While the rumors had been circulating, Lasmid chose to address the issue at the right time. This shows his commitment to handling such matters with thoughtfulness and care.

Regarding his affiliation with Highly Spiritual, Lasmid openly admitted that he has parted ways with the label. His response was candid and left no room for ambiguity. It’s a clear indicator of his willingness to be transparent with his fans about his career decisions.

In a significant move, Lasmid revealed that he has become an independent artiste. This step marks a crucial turning point in his musical journey, as he takes full control of his creativity and direction. Embracing independence in the music industry is often a bold and courageous decision, and Lasmid’s fans can expect exciting developments in his future work.

While controversies and rumors may surround artists, Lasmid has shown that he is determined to rise above them and focus on his passion for music. By speaking out about the issues and affirming his gratitude, he has demonstrated both maturity and professionalism. As he embarks on this new chapter as an independent artiste, Lasmid’s fans and the music community eagerly await to witness the next phase of his promising career.

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