Upper West ,Watch out for Hanny Berry

The CEO of A well known music label in the upper west region Halid Abdul Ganiu known much in Showbiz as King Flamzy endorses Hanifa with Stage name Hanny Berry after an encounter with Her on Entertainment Hub On GBC-Radio Upper West hosted by Ike.

King Flamzy also the CEO of Fashion Home has managed and still managing Artistse in the region and beyond hence, much value is placed on his endorsement as many Acts including Berima Ojay here in the region Can testify.

Hanny Berry got discovered to have raw talent at the Just ended Water show on 6th March 2019 and has since been managed by Nurideen Water himself and Dawbie Macca.

Hanny Berry on an interview with Ike assured her Management (Dawbie Macca and Nurideen aka Water ),Music lovers,Industry players and the whole region to support her music career as she gets ready to occupy the seat which has since been empty. The late Ebony Reign is Hanny Berry’s Role Model,Dance hall is her Genre and likes Wiz-Maleek’s style of music .She also requested a collaboration with all the A-List Acts in the region to start her Journey into the Upper West Music Industry.

King Flamzy

The upper west music industry has seen and given minimum attention to the female Acts in the region which can be attributed to the fact that they are not serious which may be as the result of what they go through. According to them,they go through a lot of challenges seeing female acts like Phat Flamz Resigning ,Diva missing and Queenzy Bana being Silent. Aside Wiyaala and Suntaama whom the region can boast of,one can say the Female acts are not pushing or pushing but not heard of .

Story :Ike


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