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Stunner challenges all Upper West musicians |OneMuzikGh

Bragging among musicians has always been a normal thing. Bragging about talent, achievements and properties are perfect ways they put it in. However, at certain limits, it gets out of hand when musicians make certain claims or brags in certain directions.

It was such a situation experienced in the early evening of May 7 2020 in the studios of Puopeli FM when Stunner was being interviewed in the program Entertainment Arena.

In the interview with Sharp Delow, Stunner made it known that he was activating his Plan B after corona virus destructed his Plan A. He disclosed that he was going to release alot of songs soon which will cut across all genres of music. He further challenged all musicians of the various genres in the region to prepare well to defend themselves because he’s coming into their comfort zones to defeat them.

He later took to his official facebook page to repeat the challenge and calling in media men to help him send the message across to his colleague musicians. He said “Hardworking and ever supporting media men,  kindly help me carry this across.
I will soon be dropping songs across all genres of music. I’m gonna take over all the genres in Upper West. Stand up against me and defend you’re genre if your good enough.”

Stunner has been one of the best in upper west Music and his versatility in all genres of music makes him really outstanding. The nearest reference is his all time hit suntaa album. He therefore threw this challenge to all the musicians in the region. Let’s see how they defend their territories from this major invasion.


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