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Agya Koo’s Mansion Allegedly Funded by NPP Endorsement Money – Claims Oboy Siki

In a recent interview with Poleeno Multimedia, Kumawood actor Oboy Siki has made sensational allegations that fellow actor Agya Koo’s luxurious mansion was funded using money he received from endorsing the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Oboy Siki argued that due to Agya Koo’s difficulties in the movie industry, it would have been impossible for him to finance such an extravagant property solely through acting earnings.

According to Oboy Siki, Agya Koo entered into an endorsement deal with the NPP in 2016, which allegedly provided him with a substantial amount of money. This, in turn, enabled him to raise the plush mansion. The actor further revealed that Agya Koo engaged in another endorsement deal with the NPP in 2020, which also came with a significant sum of money.

While acknowledging that Agya Koo initially used his own money from his movie career to start building the mansion, Oboy Siki claims that the completion of the project was financed using political funds. He boldly stated that the funds were derived from his knowledge of politics and understanding of the financial dynamics involved.

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Oboy Siki’s allegations have raised eyebrows within the entertainment industry and among fans of Kumawood movies. The actor has been vocal about sociopolitical matters and often expresses his thoughts on popular culture topics. However, it is essential to note that these claims remain allegations until proven otherwise.

As the controversy surrounding Agya Koo’s mansion unfolds, it raises questions about the influence of politics in the entertainment industry and the financial resources available to actors. The claim that political endorsement deals can provide actors with substantial financial gains highlights the intersection of showbiz and politics in Ghana.

It remains to be seen how Agya Koo and the NPP will respond to these allegations. Meanwhile, the public eagerly awaits further developments to shed light on the true source of funding for Agya Koo’s lavish mansion.

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