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Over the years, issues of celebrities’ love have always been stories from overseas in the Upper West region. A situation of celebrities dating has never seen reality in the region unlike in other places. The upper west music scene has always been purely music wise reserving no room for issues like love-life and personal life of the musicians. However, this trend seems to have been broken in recent times as rumors of celebrities in love are pouring in day in and out. In about a few weeks ago, a story of such issues was sighted on OneMuzikGh.Com, one of the most authoritative and authentic websites in the region. This story had screen shots of evidences of Stunner Gh, the Stunner Nation boss, one of the finest musicians in the region expressing his profound love for the Standard Records songstress, Da Saama, the fastest rising female vocalist in the region.

The issue that occurred a few days before the rapper’s mega show at In Service Training Center and seemed to have died down until pictures of the two spending time together in a private area surfaced again. All doubts as to whether Da Saama has accepted Stunners proposal or not has still maintains even though pictures of the two were spotted.

Stunner GH has just launched his debut album dubbed Suntaa Album and it’s was historic. The album is one of a kind in the region, from the number of songs to the type of songs. He produced all genre of music in this album and every single song is superb. More than half of these album songs have been released to the public whilst the full album is being prepared for streaming and downloads on all digital platforms.

The songstress in the scene, Da Saama, Standard Record’s vocalist has also been consistently excellent in the industry for some time now. After releasing her “Cross road” song which is doing well in all the digital platforms, she is preparing to release a lot of songs and she has also teamed up with Nwaii Family’s rapper, Rekordz GH, on a song dubbed Hard feelings,Rumors of her Mush up are also been circulated and the general public are impatiently waiting for all.

The two have been the best in their various fields as they are giving out unprecedented wonders and many have started thinking whether it is their yet to be relationship that is influencing their wonderful works, watch out for more.

Story : Abdul Samad & Onemuzikgh.com news room


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