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Mickey Wan Ready To Drop A Brand New Song ‘OLUWA’

Micky Wan is a brand-new musician hailing from Tongo in the Upper East region of Ghana. Micky is quickly becoming a rising star in the industry, thanks to his distinctive blend of rap and singing. As a gifted musician, he utilizes his verses to recount accounts of battle, constancy, and win. In addition, Micky is all set to leave a lasting impression on the music industry with his forthcoming single, “OLUWA.”

Growing up in a typical community where opportunities are rare, Micky Wan discovered that he had a passion for music, and started composing his melodies in his teen years, and has since been doing his best.

He is ready to release a new single, “OLUWA,” after years of dedicated effort. The difficulties that many of us face daily are the subject of the song. It discusses how adversaries would rather not see us thrive, and how they are continuously searching for ways of cutting us down. However, Micky serves as a reminder to us that God is always with us and will assist us in overcoming obstacles.

Micky Wan’s distinctive sound is perfectly exemplified in the song “OLUWA.” It is certain to be a hit with both old and new fans due to its catchy beat, sincere lyrics, and infectious chorus. His ability to tell stories through his music sets him apart from other artistes. His fans appreciate that he uses his own experiences to write songs that are relatable and meaningful.

Micky Wan is looking forward to what the future holds as he gets ready for the release of “OLUWA.” He will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the industry due to his talent and love of music. Also, for his fans, there could be no greater opportunity to get on board with Micky Wan than now. So, when his new single comes out, check it out and get ready to be blown away by his talent.

‘Oluwa’ drops on May 1

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