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I’ve not received a dime from the songs I did with Shatta Wale – Michy

Singer, Michelle Diamond Gbagbonah, widely known as Shatta Michy and the former partner of Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale, has spoken out about not receiving any earnings from her songs, including the popular track “Low Tempo.”

Michy who is also the host on Movement TV expressed her lack of knowledge about funds accrued from her music career, stating that despite her collaborations with Shatta Wale, she has not received a single cedi in royalties.

“I have not received a single cedi from any song I’ve made. So far as it is connected with that page [Shatta Wale’s Youtube] I’ve not earned anything,” she disclosed

During the discussion, one of the panellists revealed that her song, Low Tempo for instance had over 5 million views and since her former partner and father of her son’s account is monetized, it’ll mean some cash for her too.

But in her response, Michy revealed that she is yet to benefit financially from her musical endeavours, despite the success of her songs.

According to Michy, she was curious to find a way to claim what is rightfully hers as it was her intellectual property.

“Do you know of a way I can take it? It’s 5 million views now? Wow,” a shell-shocked Michy exclaimed.

Despite her initial shock and utter amazement, Michy also acknowledged that she treads carefully when it comes to certain individuals, implying that she does not want to engage in unnecessary conflicts or jeopardize the situation with the Dancehall singer further.

“When it comes to some people I don’t want to pick up fights with them. I need to drink water before we sign off. Don’t put me in trouble,” she cautioned.

Shatta Wale and his ex-fiancée, Shatta Michy are currently not on good terms, a situation which has also affected his relationship with his son and the payment of his academic fees.

In the past, he has accused Michy of preventing him from seeing his son, an accusation, she has vehemently denied on several occasions.

“It’s just sad that she doesn’t want to take that pain out. What sin have I caused that she doesn’t even allow me to see my son? Shatta Michy is a very nice person. I wouldn’t want to come out and say bad things about her. I love her because we’ve been through a lot. She was there when I didn’t have anything until I got something,” he said

Despite the lover’s quarrel, Michy has also heaped praises on her former partner for discovering the music part of her in previous interviews.

She said, “I can say he discovered that part of me in a more professional way as a profession. But I have always been singing in high school and church. Saturday entertainment I’m there.”

“Yes, I have some songs written for me by Shatta Wale, and I will release them and give him the credit for writing,” she added.

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