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Kelvyn Boy Celebrates Grammy’s Recognition of Afrobeats, Emphasizes African Music’s Triumph

Afrobeats musician, Kelvyn Boy, recently expressed his joy and gratitude for the acknowledgment of African music at the esteemed Grammy Awards. Although not personally nominated, he praised the inclusion of African music as a whole, highlighting the significance of the newly introduced Best African Music Performance category.

During an interview on TV3 New Day, the talented artist behind hits like ‘MEA’ and ‘Down Flat’ expressed his happiness, stating, “I was very happy to hear the news. I don’t necessarily need to be nominated in the Afrobeats category; the fact that African music is recognized now is enough.”

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Kelvyn Boy, 32, known for his exceptional talent and music artistry, recognized the progress made by African music and considered the establishment of the new category as a crucial step towards elevating African music on the international stage. He emphasized, “There was a time Afrobeats was added to the thing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be me. The fact that Africa is there, that’s it.”

In addition to celebrating the Grammy’s recognition of Afrobeats, Kelvyn Boy took the opportunity to share exciting news about his forthcoming projects, which may potentially earn him a Grammy nomination in the future. He announced that his highly anticipated EP, titled “For the Culture” (with a K), is set to release on July 16. The EP will feature tracks like the currently popular “Vero.”

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Kelvyn Boy described “For the Culture” as an homage to Ghanaian culture and his commitment to infusing African culture into his music. “I feel like whatever we do, we need to add ‘Amamre.’ If you go back to my old projects, the last one was ‘Black Star,’ so I always incorporate our culture in there somewhere,” he explained.

As Afrobeats continues to gain global recognition, artists like Kelvyn Boy are at the forefront, championing African music’s triumph on a grand scale. The inclusion of the Best African Music Performance category at the Grammy Awards serves as a testament to the genre’s growing impact and influence worldwide. With his unwavering dedication to his craft and rich cultural representation, Kelvyn Boy stands poised to make his mark on the international music scene and inspire a new wave of African artists to reach for the stars.

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