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I’m Done With Men – Sista Afia gets emotional

Ghanaian songstress Sista Afia recently took to social media to express her emotional exhaustion with men. The singer, known for hits like “Jeje,” shared a heartfelt message on her Facebook page, stating that she is “done with 🇬🇭 men 🤒.” While the specific reason for her sentiment remains unknown, it appears that she may have experienced a recent heartbreak.

Sista Afia Opens Up: “I’m Done With Men”

Sista Afia’s manager, Kofi Clinton, the head of Ace Khandi Records, is a firm believer in the singer’s immense talent. In an interview, Clinton expressed his unwavering support for Sista Afia, proclaiming her as the best artist in the world and predicting that she will bring home Grammy Awards for Ghana.

Clinton stated, “When it comes to music, Sista Afia embodies the essence of good music. Her remarkable vocal prowess and lyrical versatility set her apart. She can seamlessly transition between rapping, singing, and various genres, making her the most versatile female artist in our country at the moment—a truly unique talent.”

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